Susan Ann & Clark | A Steel City Engagement Session | Birmingham, AL

IMG_0899Sometimes you meet people and just automatically click. And that’s exactly how it was for us (my fiancé and I) with Susan Ann & Clark. We didn’t get to meet them until the beginning of this session, but within minutes we were all laughing and talking like old friends, and it absolutely made my day. One of the things I love the most about this job is getting to meet and hang out with amazing couples like Susan Ann & Clark. These two are absolutely fantastic. The way they play off each other is both hilarious (in a good way) and adorable at the same time. And for their engagement session, they had the awesome idea of going to some of Birmingham’s iconic locations to document their engagement in this city. We went to the John’s City Diner “It’s Nice To Have You In Birmingham” mural, all around Vulcan Park, and then to the heart of downtown Birmingham in the Pepper Place area. So we definitely covered a good bit of the city while praying the rain would keep holding off until the end of our session, which it did! And even as it sprinkled on and off, these two were great sports and gladly opened up the umbrella I brought (just in case) and got some super cute under-the-umbrella snuggly pictures. Needless to say, this has been one of my favorite engagement sessions to date. I mean… we got to hit the highlights of the “Steel City” with some new friends. Does it get better?

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