Jonathan & Evelyn | A DIY Conservation-Area Wedding | Toronto, Canada

TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-10When Evelyn & Jonathan first contacted us about photographing their wedding in Canada, they were so sweet to make sure that we were okay with flying all the way there for their wedding since it took place the weekend before we got married. And, though many said we were crazy to be flying out of the country the week before our own wedding, how could we possibly pass up the opportunity?! This couple seriously could not be sweeter or more adorable, and we immediately fell in love with them. They met at university (both math majors), and soon they’ll both be pursuing graduate studies in Germany! Their wedding was held at Terra Cotta Conservation Area, which is just outside Toronto, and it couldn’t have been more beautiful. And all the DIY elements they incorporated into their day had us seriously floored. To start with, Evelyn’s mom made (yes, made) the skirt of her dress and her veil. And several hands worked hard to put together every strand of the beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. And one of the bridesmaids did the calligraphy for all the signs. And I could seriously go on and on mentioning the incredible work that so many talented friends and family members of this couple put in to make this day exactly what Evelyn & Jonathan envisioned.

Evelyn & Jonathan, you two are pure gold. You both have such beautiful hearts, and your love for the Lord truly showed on your wedding day. Thank you so, so much for trusting us to document your wedding day (and to find our way there without a GPS haha). Being a part of your day was such an honor, and I wish we could re-live this day over and over again.

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this traditional Chinese tea ceremony was one of my very favorite moments of the day! the ceremony involves the bride & groom serving tea to their families as a way of honoring them, and it was such a sweet time between Jonathan, Evelyn & their loved ones. TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-105 collage21 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-109 collage20 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-124 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-165 collage22 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-121 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-118 collage18 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-164 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-115 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-126 collage23 collage24 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-141 collage25 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-144 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-151 collage26 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-143 collage27 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-155 collage28 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-208 collage37 collage33 collage35 collage36 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-188 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-192 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-204 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-211 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-213 collage40 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-215 collage39 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-217 collage38 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-224 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-232 collage41 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-233 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-234 collage42 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-237 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-238 TorontoWeddingNatalieElysePhotography-240